Welcome to the Eumycetoma Working Group Site

The aim of this network is to bring together the very diverse and scattered information and knowledge on mycetoma. Scientists, clinicians and workers in applied fields have a wealth of information on this neglected infection, which is currently hardly accessible. We wish to combine these data and bring workers interested in mycetoma research together, as we may learn a lot from each other. Mycetoma is considered an underestimated, but still socio-economically important disease. The international literature is crowded with case reports on mycetoma manifestation, but fundamental information about molecular evolution and ecology, pathogenesis, evidence-based management, and many other relevant issues are still lacking. One of the possible reasons for the lack of mycetoma research might be the difficulty for getting research funds, especially in endemic areas. In these areas research is usually focused on other major infections  like malaria, tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS. Working groups in neglected diseases like mycetoma will facilitate communication and exchange of information and will provide a good body for fund raising and research collaboration.

Our Network will use other, already existing and successful working groups of ECMM as a model. 

The eumycetoma working group will be in its right place under the umbrella of the ISHAM, since this society has a worldwide coverage. ISHAM can help us to make publicity, provide facilities and networking, and has the means to provide personal grants and sponsoring of workshops and symposia, which can be organized at major mycological congresses.

Participation to the Network is open to everybody with interest in mycetoma research, and it will be a great pleasure to cooperate with all of you.

Abdalla Ahmed & Wendy van de Sande